Patrons enter the theater and are led  through light beams  &
lighting effects are triggered ( comedy )      

Act 1 (Approximately 20 min)   

Scene (1) The Meditation of Illumination
Introduction / choreographed lighting and scarf dance

Scene (2) Meet The Wizards
Light Wizards bring an audience member on stage and have fun
with illuminated props

Scene (3) Laser Dance of the Shadows.
A Wizard dances with lasers and brings silhouettes on the back
drop to life

Scene (4) Musical Beams
Synth-A-Beam® Performance with audience participation

Scene (5) Dance of  Illumination
Dance, juggling & Poi in black light

Intermission with a guest entertainer   

Act 2 (Approximately  20 min)

Scene (6) Light Boot Camp.
A Light Wizard dressed as an Army Sargent commands light
beams to march in formation (comedy).

Scene (7 ) High Energy  Break Dancing

Scene (8) Light Beam Orchestra.  
A Light Wizard conducts light beams  which are choreographed
to music (comedy)  

Scene (9) Energize  
High energy Synth-A-Beam® performance & dance

Scene (10) Dance of Illumination
High Energy Dance, Juggling & Poi with Illuminated objects
We have eliminated the use of fire POI and will be using all high power LEDs

Scene (11) Reflections Finale
High energy dance, with powerful light beams and mirrored props.
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Copyright Richard Phillips 2003
Scene by Scene Breakdown
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