About The Show

The show was originally created in Richards’s studio in Hollywood, California (Spring 2001). It was first
mounted on stage at the OZ Nightclub in Killeen, Texas (Fall 2002) and later enhanced at the Texture
Nightclub in Austin, Texas (Spring 2003). People of all ages were illuminated!

In the Lobby  of the theater  Patrons will experience
Interactive Light Art and a Laser  Harp.  
As they enter the theater  mysterious moving figures covered in spandex will lead them through light
beams  ( see image on left Synth-A-Beams®) triggering musical notes, drum hits and fun sound
effects. During the  performance the stage is sometimes dimly lit,  black lights illuminate  the
performers faces and costumes. Occasionally  the performers or Light Wizards perform slapstick
comedy using cool props that glow or light.  During one of the scenes the Light Wizards play electronic
music using the  Synth-A-Beams®. There is also incredible dance with illuminated  objects and a
colorful choreographed light show.  In the high energy finale the Light Wizards reflect intense beams of
light off mirrored props and even turn a performer  into a living spinning mirror ball. The show is truly an
amazing, fun,  interactive musical stage experience like no other!
Were are getting ready to hit  the stage again this year in a bigger and better way. If you would like to be
a part of it let us know! Investor inquiries are also welcome.
Interrupt the light beams to
trigger lighting / sound effects
and even play music
click here for a windows
media video clip