About The Creator
The Designer
Richard has designed and installed innovative  lighting, sound & video
systems for Nightclubs and other venues for over 20 years. He is also the
developer of Synth-A-Beams ® which is an interactive system that triggers
sound and lighting effects as beams of light are interrupted.  The beams have
been installed at Amusement Parks, Science Museums and other venues all
over the world. His Business
Interactive Entertainment Systems is based in
Round Rock Texas.

The Light Artist
Richard has always been fascinated with illumination. “I have always
considered my work with light to be both technical and creative. On numerous
occasions I have been told that my club lighting designs could be considered
installation art." One of his projects was Proton Induction 3 for world renowned
artist Hiro Yamagata. The exhibit had several large rooms covered in
holographic Mylar. Dozens of Mylar cubes sized 1’ to 10’ were positioned
within the rooms. Richard designed the lighting & electronics which were
triggered by infra red sensors, creating and amazing interactive art experience.
The exhibit was at the Fredric Weisman Museum of Art, Pepperdine University,
Malibu CA. 2002. ) "After having the privilege of working with a genius like Hiro
Yamagata (please see below) I came to understand that lighting used in a
creative way, is art. This experience ignited a strong passion to create on a
higher level and gave birth to my art. I call my work
Interactive Light Art.

Richard was commisioned by First Night Austin 2009  to create a Large Scale
Light Painting on the  exterior of the Austin City Hall New Years Eve.
Additionaly  he set up his  Synth A Beam System in front of Buford Tower
( interactive light painting and musical lights ) People had a blast triggering
lighting effect s onto the tower and even played Jingle Bells with the beams.
Click here for The FNA 2009 @ Interactive Entertainment Systems site

Recently Richard created the Interactive Light and Sound Experience at the
Plutopia Science of Music SXSW Party In Austin TX . 3/2010
Click here for pics and video @ Interactives site

The Performer
Richard has performed with ( Synth-A-Beams ) at various cities throughout the
US. Some of the performances include  Disney's Atlantic Dance Club in
Orlando Florida, The American Disc Jockey Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada,
numerous night clubs in Los Angeles, CA and most recently The Interactive
Web Awards pre show @ SXSW 2010 in Austin,TX
Click here for the SXSW performance.@ Interactives site

The Creator, Producer
Richard D Phillips is the creator and producer of the musical stage show Light
Wizards. This fun and amazing show is about light, color and rhythm. In the
show Performers interrupt light beams to play electronic music (Synth-A-
Beams ®) and dance with illuminated or mirrored props. The show was
created in Richards studio in Hollywood California (Spring 2001). It was first
mounted on stage at the OZ Nightclub in Killeen Texas (Fall 2002) and later
enhanced at the Texture Nightclub in Austin Texas (Spring 2003). People of all
ages were Illuminated! Richard is now in the process of prpairing to take the
show to the next level in it’s  own theater. Additionally Satellite performances
will be done at schools and special events. The lobby of the theater will double
as an Art Gallery exhibiting Richards Interactive Light Art and  works by other
Artists using mediums pertaining to light.
Richard playing electronic music by
interrupting the light beams (Synth-A-Beams)
Click here for a windows media clip
Richard D Phillips
Hiro Yamagata's Holographic Mylar Cubes
Richard Performing At the 2010 SXSW Interactive Web Awards pre show
FNA 2009 Austin City Hall
SXSW 2010 Plutopia Science of Music Party Interactive Light and Sound Experience @ The MACC Austin TX