The short / touring version of the show is a multifaceted concept.
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Click here for info on our First Night Austin 2010 New Years Eve Cast

1. Firstly it is a Large Scale Visual Art Piece titled The Luminous Cubes
(please see image above).
Beginning at sunset, approximately 6:00 PM Mystical music is heard emanating
from within the large cube, as it slowly and beautifully changes colors.  8:25 PM
several Performers’ Silhouettes are cast upon the cube’s colorful spandex
canvas. The Silhouettes move slowly and mystically, luring people to the front of
the cube. 8:24 PM The music fades out, the cube’s lighting fades to black, and the
Silhouettes disappear.

2. Secondly the
Light Wizards Interactive  Performance

Scene 1.
8:30 PM  Dance of Illumination 1.  A 15’ wide spandex curtain in the front
of the cube raises revealing the foggy inside, glowing with black light. Four Artists’
alternately perform to high energy music with  props such as  POI, Hula Hoops,
Flags, and even  a Juggler and  .
 (video 4).

Scene 2. 8:40 PM. Mystical Spacey Music begins,  A Light Wizard slowly appears
through the fog and motions for the audience to come closer. He now selects an
audience member and leads him or her into the performance area. They have fun
interacting with illuminated props
(video1). Next, eight beams of light appear in
front of them, shining onto the floor from above. (Image 6) These beams of light
are actually Musical Beams of Light (Synth-A-Beams®) when a beam is
interrupted it creates a sound and also triggers a lighting effect on the cube’s
spandex walls. The Wizard and guest have fun triggering the sound and lighting
effects to the amazement and laughter of the crowd.
(video2)  The Wizard now
motions for applause and leads the guest back into the audience. The Light
Wizard then performs a high energy song with the Musical Beams of Light as the
audience claps to the beat of the music.

Scene 3. 8:45PM  Four Artists’ alternately perform to high energy music with  
lighted props such as LED POI, Hula Hoops, Flags, and even a  Juggler and  
(video 4).

Scene 4. 8: 55 PM (High energy music begins and a very bright light appears from
above shining down into the performance area. A Light Wizard enters and reflects
the light off mirrored props then collects the light into a large funnel, through pipes
and out into the audience. The Light Wizard then covers another performer in
mirrored objects and spins her around in a chair like a living mirror ball.
The rest of the performers now come on stage and all the lights start flashing to a
colorful energetic finale  
9 PM Lights fade to black.

We will do another performance at 9:30 PM

3. Thirdly An Interactive lighting and Sound Experience.
10:10 PM to 11:40 PM The Musical Lights appear in the middle of the performance
area. The performers stay after the show to mingle with the audience members.
The audience members now get a chance to interact and have fun with the Synth-
A-Beams triggering sound and lighting as they interrupt beams of light.  
(video 6)

4. Additionally Richard's interactive Light art will be displayed out side the
Luminous cube.
Click here to view some of his work
The short / touring version of the show is
performed in a large scale visual art piece
called Luminous Cube.
Copyright  Richard Phillips 2008

Photos and videos of our New Years Eve performance @ First Night Austin 2010