Aradiai Lawrence    Hoops  / Light Wizard
while soul searching for a direction in life; I discovered these simple magic circles. Upon
returning to the States I became certified to teach, at which point, my desire has continually
expanded to include interactive and solo performance with led and fire hoops. Since July I have
and still perform weekly at the Red Shed Tavern with Austin's extraordinaire Dr. Dubbist. Hoops
create happiness.
Click here for a video of Aradiai's Light Wizard performance

Ron Weisberg         Synth A Beams  Musician / Light Wizard
Ron always showed a desire for the arts. He started playing percussion and acting in middle
school and is now a UT Theater and Dance graduate where he focused on acting and writing.
Ron has played many roles from Lions, Monkeys, and Crustaceans, to Charles Manson. He is
happy to do this New Years Eve performance as a Light Wizard.

Sage Jacote     POI, Staff , Flags
Enchanted by fire and light for more than ten years, Sage has traveled the world to inspire, while
releasing the glowing embers of her spirit through unique dance and performance. She
continually pushes the boundaries of visual dance utilizing innovative tools such as glow props,
veils, fans, flags, wings, hoops, batons, orbs, and poi. Traveling throughout Asia, Central, South,
and North America, Sage performs, produces and choreographs shows, as well as teaches dance
workshops to inspire creativity in others.
Click here for a video of Sages performance
Josh Bladzik         Juggler
As a youngster the glitz and glamour of the circus and sideshow seduced another victim and he
was hooked. He pursued circus arts with a zest learning everything he could.  Studying juggling,
unicycling, trick rope, gun spinning, fire manipulation and other lost arts he developed a
multifaceted array of talents. With these talents Josh has been on multiple TV shows, magazines,
and newspapers and has performed all over the country.

Zumbi Richards       Dance & Capoeira
With over 15 years of experience as a performing artist, Zumbi is a multi-talented
instrumentalist/visual performer.  Originally trained as a classical musician in Houston, he soon
saw the advantages of seeking out new art forms when moving to Austin in 2000.  Soon after, he
was introduced to the Brazilian art of Capoeira, a dance like martial art that involves music,
creative body movements and acrobatics.  He practices with Austin’s oldest group, Capoeira
Evolucao under the supervision of Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti.

Melissa Cybele          Stage Manager
Melissa holds a BFA in Dance from Sam Houston State University. Along with an eclectic
performing career, Ms. Cybele is an extensively experienced stage manager, with credits
including plays, dance concerts, musicals, variety shows, festivals, live music, and more! She
held the position of Stage Manager in Residence at Main Street Theater, in Houston, TX., for
three years, and has toured the nation for the past nine years as Production Stage Manager for
Starbound National Talent Competition.

Richard Phillips        Creator / Producer
Years ago Richard had  a vision of performers dancing with illuminated props and interupting
beams of light to create music. He turned his vision into a goal and  devoloped the Synth A Beam
System (musical lights) selling them all over the world. Now he expresses his creativity in the 3rd
edition of Light Wizards at First Night Austin 2010. But there is still more to come as he plans to
open The Illumination Theater right here in Austin showcasing the full version of the show as well
as other  performance artists and musicians.

Interactive Light art on display by Richard Phillips

Music producer   David Homan   -  Dance of  the Shadows, Dance of Illumination 1 & 2 & 3

Music producer   Levon Lewis -   Reflections

Sound Engineer    Larry Sheehan
Larry Sheehan owns and operates San Gabriel Sound, a recording studio in Georgetown, TX.
Established in 1998, San Gabriel Sound caters to musicians and spoken word artists. Music
clients include Ivan Neville, Chuck Barnes, Cinema West,  Terry Smith, Logan's Way and
numerous other singer songwriters and bands as well as Classic Academic Press, and Tune

Lighting & Cube Design   Richard Phillips / Interactive Entertainment Systems

Crew    Mike Babin, Shannon Fitzgerald, Anthony Lozano

Show  Videographer   Jay Bratcher

Special thanks to JC Tunncliff for welding the truss.

With great appreciation to Dave Sullivan, Travis Rice and Beatrice Thomas for believing that
Light Wizards really do exist.

More photos and video's coming soon
Light Wizards Luminous Cube First Night Austin 2010